Why draw great artwork of trash?
Because when I walk out my door, it is all I can see. And you need to see it too if we are to rain it in.
All my new NFTs will be focused on bringing attention to the insurmountable amount of polluting trash we all create daily. In New York city alone we create an unbelievable number of containers filled with shit to be dumped in other states as we haven't the room for it here.
Single use plastic containers and packaging must be banned. Plastic recycling is a lie. Only 9% of plastics are getting recycled, the rest is ending up in the ocean, burnt or in the ground.
If, or when, my NTFs become profitable I will find a way to contribute a portion of those earning to educating consumers to greatly reduce the trash they accepts and create every day. It is something we all must do – politicians and industry won't do it for us.
Thank you!
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